Is Video Surveillance hurting workers? Share your story!

Recently, a Fedex driver had a vulnerable moment of work frustration captured on a Ring Video Doorbell, after struggling with a heavy package alone. It was then shared with millions of viewers and his employer, potentially risking his job. Two weeks ago, a UPS driver had the police called on him when retrieving a package, after being spotted on a Ring doorbell.

Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell and camera system has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Sold as a monitoring and protection system against theft, there have been recent reports of not only hacking and harassment in the home, but major concerns around the hyper surveillance of workers and neighbors too.

Is this layer of security putting workers at risk?

 At, we support workers coming together for dignity on the job, and that includes feeling safe from invasive surveillance. Please tell us below how technology and cameras have impacted your safety on the job. Responses will be compiled, without names or identifying information included, and shared with workers who participate in the survey.

-- This is an anonymous survey that is not shared with your employer. --

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