Working retail during the holidays? Share your story!

Every year, retail workers bear the brunt of the busy holiday season—temporary “seasonal” hours, rude customers, dangerous working conditions and more. With all of the holiday cheer, these are the stories that are often untold. 

At, we collaborate with retail workers to make workplaces better, during the holidays and all year round. We want to amplify your views on how to improve working conditions during the holidays—whether it's by improving safety and scheduling, or increasing pay.

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    Unsafe driving conditions
    Inconsistent public transportation to work
    Temporary employment (seasonal work)
    Low wages/no benefits for hard work
    Harassment from customers
    Harassment from management
    Inconsistent scheduling (changes weekly/bi-weekly)
    Long hours or too short of a shift
    Very early morning or very late night scheduling
    Inadequate break room or rest area
    Inadequate heating/AC in staff areas
    Inadequate safety/health equipment in stockroom or staff areas